Membership Advantages

Becoming a member of the Los Banos Downtown Association will grant you all kinds of benefits. You will have significant Networking opportunities not only with new members but with the general public. You will also have access to various media outlets to help bolster marketing efforts. Additionally, you will receive an E-Newsletter and visibility to our community calendar and website. These are both great sources for news, membership info, downtown events, local organizations, and membership accomplishments.

Membership Dues

The downtown association annual dues are based on the number of employees. Membership dues are charged yearly on the member’s anniversary date.

All Business 

  • 1-25: $50
  • 25-50: $75
  • 50+: $100
Non-Profit (501c3 status)

  • All: $30
Community Memberships 

  • Individual: $30
  • Family: $50

Little Diamond’s Pizza
Esmeralda and Justino Flores

We have been in downtown Los Banos for two years. We love having our business downtown. The events downtown have really helped our business. Los Banos Downtown is a nice area with wonderful customers and a great atmosphere. We have a nice relationship with our customers. Customers can sit in the restaurant and watch a game or sit outside. We offer free Wi-Fi. We serve the entire Los Banos community with in-house dining as well as order pick-up and delivery. We offer a variety of pizzas and use fresh ingredients. Little Diamond’s Pizza also serves appetizers, salads, burgers, and sandwiches.

Lucy Lawrence

Rabobank has been doing business in Los Banos for 10 years. Rabobank moved to its downtown location in August 2014, and so we have been in the downtown area for five years. Rabobank wanted to be more centrally located and to give customers easy access. We believe downtown is the best location from a market standpoint. We feel the downtown area is a convenient location for our customers, and we are happy to be downtown. Rabobank is a full-service bank. Rabobank will be changing its name to Mechanics Bank starting August 1, 2019.

The Country Duck
Penny Glick

I have been an owner of a home decor/furniture boutique in downtown Los Banos for 10+ years. During this time, I have seen other small business owners help and promote downtown culturally through different events benefitting the shops and our community. I enjoy the quaint hometown feeling when talking and helping members of our community as well as others who are traveling and stop in our Downtown area and visit our shop.

The Frame Shop
Leslie Villalta

From the very beginning in our business, we have felt a part of a community of merchants, professionals, friends, and families who work and shop within a very tight radius known as Downtown Los Banos. I can’t think of a better location in town to shop, bank, visit, or start your own enterprise. The atmosphere is casual, but don’t be fooled! Real commerce takes place here in the heart of the City, as newcomers and longtime residents to our city navigate our many little gems of stores and services here. I see abundant opportunity to be a part of the vibrant center here with the vast collection of knowledge and skills our owners and employees possess. Start with good ideas, people, products and services, and you will undoubtedly be in our downtown!